• PROJECTARQ has been created in 2005 with the purpose to develop integral projects, combining: architecture, planning, interior design, with contemporary designs we develop each project, combining aesthetic, technology and budget, giving the opportunity to our clients to live in spaces that respond to their needs.


  • Our mission is to make of each project a unique solution according with the particular needs of our clients, their requirements and also the conditions where the project is located. Doing this, every project has its own and innovative character, where the users can develop their activities, improving their way of life and its environment

  • We the collaboration of the client, we conceptualize the solution for each particular project, this close relationship lead us to the excellence in aesthetic, technical and functional efficiency. Each proposal is unique, producing many emotions and satisfaction when the client live in the result of their ideas and needs that where materialized in group during this integrating process design.


  • The architecture that we develop emerges from the commitment of the client and the understanding of the architect, so that, the work to be made is not only a responsibility itself, but is alike a responsibility with the urban, cultural and environmental context in order to improving the site where each project is developed.

  • Collaboration and diversity is the best path toward collective and individual strength of Projectarq. This ideas, combined with passion and expertise, result in brilliant solutions for successful projects.